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[图文] When our restaurant business failed,we headed north in a camping truck to Texas,hoping to have a “fresh start”. At the of Palo Duro Canyon (峡谷)State Park,I a job advertisement hiring park hosts.

I'm a manager of a restaurant,our department wants to employee a new waiter,if someone has this idea,welcome to join in our restaurant,salary will be talked when we meet together. 我是一家饭店的经理,我们部门想要雇佣一个新的服务生,如果有谁想争取的话,欢迎加入我们中来,工资面议! 追加悬赏分哦!

When we have our meal at the restraunt .就餐jiùcān动词have a meal外出就餐eat out在食堂就餐have one's meal at the canteen就餐券meal-ticket望采纳!谢谢!

In the restaurant Father and I go to my favourite restaurantt. There are many delicious food there. I like chocolate there very much.Each time when I go there, I will eat the chocolate. And each time I eat it , it will make me happy. Now , we are eating

1,in the last few years ,great changes have taken place in our hometown 2,a serious traffic accident happend at the crossing yesterday evening 3 ,an excellent idea occured to me 4,a fire broke out in my restaurant last night 5,after she head the

I am waiting for the person who will work in our restaurant.

When I think back through the years as I was growing up, I can recall many birthday parties that made me happy. Although my family didn't have a lot, my family always found a way to bring joy to my birthday. I remember when my husband and my

这个房间里的书扔得到处都是.the books in this room are thrown everywhere. 昨天, we found chicken and fish were finished when we enter the restaurant.你有铅笔吗------

[图文] when I finally worked up the courage to ask her to marry me, she told me that this story had helped to ten minutes before our restaurant closed,a gentleman came in.I was the __ 2 __waitress who got to

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