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歌词:Queen - We Are the Champions I\'ve paid my dues Time after time I\'ve done my sentence But committed no crime And bad mistakes I\'ve made a few I\'ve had my share of sand Kicked in my face But I\'ve come through And we mean to go on

we are the champions 我们是斗士 i've paid my 1)dues 我已付出了代价, 2)time after time 一次又一次. i've done my 4)sentence 我没有犯罪, but 3)committed no crime 却已经认罪服刑. and bad mistakes 我也犯过一些, i've made a few 严重

We are the champions 是Queen(皇后乐队)的经典歌曲,现在常用于足球比赛后的颁奖仪式.英文 I've paid my dues Time after time I've done my sentence But committed no crime And bad mistakes I've made a few I've had my share of

i've paid my dues(我已付出了代价) time after time(一次又一次) i've done my sentence(我没有犯罪) but committed no crime(却已经认罪服刑) and bad mistakes(我也犯过一些) i've made a few(严重的错误) i've had my share of

We are the Champions 我们是冠军 I've paid my dues 我已付出了代价, Time after time 一次又一次. I've done my sentence 我没有犯罪, But committed no crime 却已经认罪服刑. And bad mistakes 我也犯过一些, I've made a few 严重的错误


就叫We Are The ChampionsQueen皇后乐队的

《We Are the Champions 》不是同性恋的歌,Freddie Mercury本人在1985年说:“这首歌是献给胜利者的赞歌,我很奇怪为何这么多年来没人能写出更激动人心的曲子来.” 歌名:We Are the Champions 歌手:Queen 所属专辑:Return of

We are the Champions维阿则差评四I've paid my dues 爱物配的买丢死 I've done my sentence爱武当迈森疼斯But committed no crime 巴特可没忒的no可若爱木And bad mistakes 俺的白的没死忒可I've made a few爱物没得费油I've had my share of

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