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同在一张床不同语言,意思就是:你得到我的人,得不到我的心\\哎~~~~(>_<)~~~~ ,这样回答肯定不被采纳

1.填 speak2.填 aspeak the same languageshare a number of social customs


[图文] While all cultures share the same basic emotions, the body language used throughout different cultures of the world vary enormously. What can mean one thing in one country can often mean something

We live in one world, the resources are shared, every person has acquired rights, and everyone can strive for. Marine inexhaustible; earth is inexhaustible. Let us share with the world. We are one of the world have an obligation to protect him, she is

We have no common words.

although 和but 不能一起用,根据句意,去掉But

share the same characteristic~~~~~~满意请采纳,多谢!(*^__^*) ~~~~~~

The World Languages. Some countries share the same language, such as Singapore. Because the majority of its population is Chinese Han, Singpore uses Chinese Han language.

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