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起到了很大的作用.用英语表达:play a great part in/play a big role in.例如:He plays a great role in the team work.” have a great effect ”表:具有一个很大的效应.

have a great effect有很大的影响例句1.You may encounter someone today whose ideas have a great effect uponyour mind.今天你可能遇到深刻影响你思想的人.2.Transverse corner cracks on thin slab have a great effect on the edge cracksof hot rolled strip.薄板坯角横裂对热轧板边裂的影响很大.


have a great influence on有很大的影响


have effect on [英][hv ifekt n][美][hv fkt n] 对…有影响; 例句:1.This new standard does not have effect on the Company'sfinancial statements.2.The latter is not expected to have effect on cash flow andliquidity..----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

要加an have an effect on 对…有影响;对……起作用,产生效果


选B,这是个强调句型:it is.that 你在非洲从医的那几年影响很大.不强调的句子是:The years when you worked in Africa as a doctor have a great effect

二者都可以:1.have an effect on(对有影响,对..起作用, 产生效果) 2.have effect on(对有影响)

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