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它可以用来替代队列,同时有很多seda和actors模式的特性.和队列比较:disruptor可以向其他线程发送消息,并在需要的时候唤醒其他线程(和blockingqueue相似).不过,他们之间有三个主要的区别.2. 把消息放入disruptor需要2个步骤,

它可以用来替代队列,同时有很多SEDA和Actors模式的特性.和队列比较:Disruptor可以向其他线程发送消息,并在需要的时候唤醒其他线程(和BlockingQueue相似).不过,他们之间有三个主要的区别.2. 把消息放入Disruptor需要2个步骤

I like to have my job done in time and efficiently.Meanwhile,it's a pleasure to care others and enjoy the teamwork.Once I get a job,I woould like to learn everything about it.Then,I really hate to be late for work and I ,under no circumstances,want to lose because of some careless mistakes or other personal stuffs.


从功能上来看,Disruptor 是实现了“队列”的功能,而且是一个有界队列.百那么它的应度用场景自然就是“生产者-消费者”模型的应用场合了.先从了解 Disruptor 的核心概念开始,来了解它是如何运作的.下面介绍的版概念模型,既是领域对象,也是映射到权代码实现上的核心对象.……

面试:interview 面试官:interviewer 面试者:interviewee

关于interview (面试)参考:)~~ The best way to look at an interview is as a conversation rather than an interrogation. In a conversation,information flows both ways and after all,you want to learn about the company you may be working for as

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To manage a company is a difficult tasks,but I think the most important thing is to understand your employees.First,you have to stand on their position to think so that you can

disruptor n. 分裂者,破坏者[例句]They 're now immune to your disruptor.他们现在对你的分裂者免疫.

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