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coined v. 创造; 制造硬币( coin的过去式和过去分词 ); [例句]Jaron Lanier coined the term 'virtual reality' and pioneered its early development杰伦拉尼尔创造了“虚拟现实”这个词,并成为推动其早期发展的先驱人物.[其他] 原型: coin

coined the phrase创造了这个词coined the phrase创造了这个词

waterproof 英 [w:tpru:f] 美 [w:trpru:f] adj.不透水的,防水的;用防水材料处理过的 vt.使防水,使不透水;给(布)上胶 n.防水衣物,雨衣 usually plural;防水布,油布;防水物,防水材料

If our love was a fairy tale 如果我们的爱情是一个童话故事I would charge in and rescue you 我会奋不顾身地去拯救你On a yacht baby we woule sail 我们将乘着快艇远走高飞To an island where we'd say I do 到一个岛上我们将会许诺相伴一生 And if


It was probably coined by this journalist named O'Sullivan, although now there's a new theory that it wasn't. 一般认为记者奥沙利文发明了这个词,尽管现在有新理论认为他们并没有联系You're a journalist. That's right你是个记者 -没错Within a single semester, I decided to be a journalist. 仅仅一个学期,我就决定要去作一名记者

balloon [b'lu:n]基本翻译n. 气球vi. 激增;膨胀如气球vt. 使像气球般鼓起;使激增adj. 像气球般鼓起的网络释义Balloon:迅速增加颜色|球|气囊balloon paper:气球用纸wire balloon:波罩”|球罩|波罩” 房屋地政

太长了,以下只是原文的八分之一:=============== virtual reality=============== virtual reality (vr) is a technology which allows a user to interact with a computer-simulated environment, be it a real or imagined one. most current virtual reality


autism au.tism [`tIzm; :tizm] 不可数名词 '心理'孤独症,自闭症

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