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baibiographical 英 [ba'rfkl] 美 [barfkl] duadj.传记zhi的; 传记体的; [例句]The book contains few biographical details. 这本书没有什么生平细dao节. [其他]形近词: orographical zoographical geographical -------------------------------如有内疑问,可继续追问,如果满意,请采纳,谢容谢.

auto [':tu] n. 自动 (=automobile)汽车 auto: 1. 自动 网页制作备忘录:css 属性表简表 auto 自动 crosshair 定位“十”字 default 默认指针 2. 汽车 石油词汇英语翻译(a34篇) autolocksafetyjoint自封安全管接头 auto汽车;自动的;乘

biographical page of your passport你的护照传记页双语对照例句:1.That dickie murdered you and is traveling under your passport. 迪克谋杀了你,并冒用你的护照到处旅行.2.Thank you.can I see your passport, please, sir? 谢谢,能看下您的护照吗,先生?3.Every day of your life is a page of your history. 生命中的每一天都是你人生道路上的一页历史篇章

biographical sketch事略;小传;传略;

Dr. Melanie Rieback is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, in the group of Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum. Melanie's research concerns the security and privacy of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)



biographical notes 简历 [例句]I gathered biographical notes from other red army leaders.我向红军其他领导人搜集传记材料.


你好!Purpose of this form:Begin New Program-biographical data modified意思是:此表用途:开始新课程传记资料修正所以biographical data modified可以理解为:传记资料修正

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