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ask sb to do sth的中文翻译 ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事 双语例句 1 Ask sb, esp politely, in speech or writing to do sth (以口头或书面形式)要求,(尤指)请求某人做某事 2 Some websites ask star to do sth for sb appropriative model,

ask sb about sth是像某人询问 咨询或了解某方面事情的意思 例如:I ask my teacher about fanal exam.ask sb to do sth是请求 要求或命令别人去做某事,在语气上比前者要强例如:I ask my mother to give me some coinsThe boss asks me to his office at once

1.问某人关于某方面的事情,例句上面的可以. 2.叫某人去干某事. about 后面可以加名词也可家动名词(ing形式) to 后面要加原形

He will ask me to do it for him.他会让我为他做.Mary asked Jack to do the chores with her.玛丽让杰克和她一起做家务.Mom asked me to help him with the dishes.妈妈让我帮她洗碗.The kid asked me to play wit

surprised是surprise的过去时和过去分词,也可以做形容词(surprised 感到惊讶的;出人意外的),但不能做定语用,只能做表语 例句: i am surprised by the news.surprising: 是形容词,只能做定语用 a.1. 令人惊异的;惊人的;出人意外的

what do you think of this book?你觉得这本书怎么样啊?He asks me to hand in paper on time.他让我按时上交论文He comes from the USA 他来自于美国I'm thinking about writing a paper 我正在思考写一篇论文The o

A handmade imitation of a blossom.花朵的一种手工仿造物.A blossom develops from a bud.花朵是从蓓蕾孕育而开放的.This will lead her to appreciate her presence and may allow a relationship to blossom.这会使得她喜欢你的出现并且允许你

I have asked him to do it.She has asked me to buy it .He has asked me to sing a song.,I have asked her to go to a movie.They have asked me to watch TV.

Give him something to earn his living, a good living.给他一些事情维持生活,一个好的生活.But she could not get over the idea that to earn her living was somewhat undignified.但是尽管如此,她却认为自己谋生糊口有失身份.希望能采纳,谢谢你了

couple: [ 'kpl ] n. 对,夫妇,数个 v. 加倍,成双,连结 词形变化: 动词过去式:coupled 过去分词:coupled 现在分词:coupling 第三人称单数:couples 例句与用法: 1. i'll be back in a couple of days. 我过几天就回来. 4. i saw a couple of men get out. 我看见有几个人出去了. 所以呢a couple后面一定家of

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