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ThErE ArE/ is A vAriEty oF lEArning mAtEriAls.

应该用are,因为a variety of其实可以看作一个形容词,修饰核心地位的名词learning materials,这个名词是复数,there be 句型就和它保持单复数一致.

小题1:Basic learning styles小题1:close小题1:Learning through listening小题1:talking things through 小题1:ways of talking小题1:explore the environment小题1:through personal experience小题1:having difficulty/trouble in小题1:Conclusions小题1:can hardly satisfy 略

[图文] There is a lot of misunderstanding about studying. Most students have not been taught the principles doing a variety of things in turn B. not thinking about anything C. turning continuously D. getting

[图文] There are many acceptable varieties of English throughout the world. Whichever variety is used in your A. a book for English learning B. a book for English teaching C. an ad for English teaching D. a

[图文] There is a growing problem of what to do with electronic waste such as old televisions, computers, choose variety based on the season and soil type that you are growing. Planting site should have

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