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ThErE ArE/ is A vAriEty oF lEArning mAtEriAls.

there be 结构中的be 动词和后面的主语保持一致,主语 a variety of learning materials是复数形式,所以这里应该用 are.

小题1:Basic learning styles小题1:close小题1:Learning through listening小题1:talking things through 小题1:ways of talking小题1:explore the environment小题1:through personal experience小题1:having difficulty/trouble in小题1:Conclusions小题1:can hardly satisfy 略

Hello Editor Liu: Here's a letter from LiHua wanting you for help about some problems learning subjects. It's one year since I enrolled in the high school, but I found it very hard for me to be adapted to the life in the school, because they level of these

Because there are a lot of learning materials on the InternetBecause there are a lot of online learning materialsmaterials

there be 句型的就近原则就近的是后面所跟的名词性成分就你所说的题应该用there are这里的there are修饰的是books而不是a variety ofa variety of 则是另一个修饰books的词组还原回来你也可以这样理解a variety of books are there你不可能说a variety of books is there 吧而且……there be句型的就近原则应该是更体现在有两者以上比如:there is some milk and books on the tablethere are some books and milk on the table

The satchel of this style weighs 1.39 kilograme, six inchs of its screen, namedit is portableIts hallmarks are: first, it contains various of the teaching material that primary

雅思作文批改第四弹 [网络可以替代学校吗]Some people believe that school are no longer necessary, because students can get so much information through the Internet,and study just as well at home.To what extent do you agree or disagree?审题

without the variety offered by fresh vegetables. The answer is to grow at least some of the food. On a There are not enough choices of food. 43. What is the "salad machine" in the spaceship for? A. It

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