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panda are cute animals.they live in the forests or the mountains and they eat bamboo for food.the grown-up panda is about from 120 to 190 metres tall.and its weight is about 85 to 125 kilometres.the skin of panda is black and white,i护憨篙窖蕻忌戈

kitten kitty and his father a day to go fishing,dad concentrate on fishing, kitty and has no patience fishing, grab the butterfly 3kitty found that the father has been caught many fish, so to fishing 4kitty and dad also started to catch a lot of fish, eat a hearty dinner

最佳答案 my cat i have a cat named mimi. its hair is as white as snow. i often play games with it. it amuses me a lot and i treat it as a little friend. every morning, i would say goodbye to it before i go to school and mimi would wave its front-legs to me.

= My favorite pet is a cat . She belongs to my good friend . She has short , grey fur and white paws and her eyes are green .She weighs about 2 kilosgrams . She is very friendly and quite. She likes fish .She likes sleeping in the sunshine .

①I have got two baby cats. they are very beautiful. One is yellow. the other is white. they are very lovely. the yellow cat is very naughty. He likes to play with people. He often runs here and there. His favourite game is playing with balls, ropes and stones

My Favorite Pet My favorite pets are dogs.In my opinion,dogs are the perfect companions.For one thing,they are loyal.My dog is always happy to see me.For another,they are unique.No two dogs are exactly alike,either in appearance or personality.

I have a very beautiful cat.Its colour is white or yellow .its name isHaahua .Ithink it is my favourite cat .she likes sleep playing with the bell .she love ratting meat ,Though it is a kind of animals ,I treat it as my friend .sometime I give her some fish or pork

I like animals very much, such as horses, monkeys, cats, tigers and so on. But I like dogs best. Why? Because they are very cute and friendly.I have a white dog. Its name is Bobo. She is a female dog. She comes from Beijing, China. She has two big

I love cat

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