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Ask a person how long do问一个人长得怎么样

他长什么样子用英语怎么说3种用法 what is he like?what does he look like?how does he look?

Tell about / Describe / Speak about / Refer to what this person is like.

您的问题很简单.呵呵.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:某个东西是(长)什么样的?翻译: what 、、、 look like?你的朋友长什么样?.:how your friend looks like ?你记得那陌生人长什么样的?do you remember what the stranger looked like?百度知道永远给您最专业的英语翻译.

1. What's he like? 他为人怎么样?2. What shortcoming does he think he has ? 他认为他有什么缺点?3. What is he good at ? 他擅长什么?4. In what kind of way does he get on with others? 怎么和别人相处?5. What's his habit?他有什么爱好

某人长得怎样?What does sb look like? 如 What does your friend look like? He is tall.某人的性格怎样?What is sb like? 如 What is your sister like? She is outgoing.

长得很安全英文怎么说 翻译释义: He looks reliable He has a safe/reliable look

How does he look like? he is a tall man

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