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正确翻译fight for yourself 或者 live for myself

I live for myself, and I don't exist for anyone. Living just for myself and existing for none.

Live your live and live for yourself

为他人着想, To be considerate of others,或者To think about others, 但要为自己而活。 but to live for yourself.

From now on, only live for my own

Life is not a task to finish, but a gift to enjoy. Don't save anything to a special occasion. Since every day we are living is a special occasion for us. We should make every day colorful and meaningful. Wherever we are, happin...

手工翻译,保证准确! Everyone has only one life, so live for yourself!

翻译为: 不要为自己而活。 Don't live for yourself.

I live only for myself!

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