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为自己而活的英文:Live for yourself Live 读法 英 [laɪv;lɪv] 美 [laɪv;lɪv] adj. 活的;生动的;实况转播的;精力充沛的 vt. 经历;度过 vi. 活;居住;生存 短语: live out 住在外面;活过(某一段时间) live alone...

为他人着想, To be considerate of others,或者To think about others, 但要为自己而活。 but to live for yourself.

个人意见。楼上的fight for yourself意思是为自己而奋斗。 可以说live for myself.

be alive for oneself 为自己而活

I live for myself, and I don't exist for anyone. Living just for myself and existing for none.

你好! From now on, I live only for myself. 地道的翻译就不能直译。 百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答 如满意,请点击“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢~

live with my own style, just live for my own sake

我很孤单,但我不孤独,因为我在独处的每一刻都只想为自己下一刻活得更加精彩而努力! 翻译成英语: I'm single, but I'm not lonely, because every moment I'm alone, I just want to strive for a better life for my next moment!

很简单,就是 Enjoy your life. 祝你开心。

翻译:live for oneself。

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