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“把孩子们丢到森林里去吧!不然,我们都要饿死了呀!”新妈妈说. "Take the children into the forest! Otherwise, we will starve to death!" Mother said. “不行,那太残忍了.” "No, that's too cruel." “好,那你就去找食物来呀.” "Well,


一个五彩斑斓的屋子,几十里外便可闻到它的香气,让人不禁梦游似的来到了这 A colorful room, dozens of miles away can smell its aroma, people can not help but sleepwalking came to this 里.那就是我的家:糖果屋.Li. That is my home: the

"Candy" from "Green fairy tale",the author is Green brother german.About Hans and greetel siblings was stepmother threw in the forest,they got lost and came to the Witch of candy,was captured and came close to being eaten,but by virtue of wit and courage,two people finally from the clutches of the story.

你好,翻译如下:"Throw the children to the forest,or we will starve to death!",says a new mother."No,it is too cruel"."OK,then you go to find the food",because of extreme poverty,the father had to promise it.Bankie as well as the brother and

When the mysterious key to open the door of the candy castle, Angel shed tears, Living on forest carbon, Diffuse gravel road off the Millennium A long time ago, & the Chocolate Factory's carbon wood forests, There are countless articles

Sweet shop

Hansel and Gretel Class 4& 5 Grade 4 Narrator: Once upon a time there lived a woodcutter(伐木工)and his wife was a stepmother(继母) to his two children whose names Hansel and Gretel. They were very poor and did not have much to eat.

你好!糖果屋 其中一个故事candy house one of the story

Sugarhouse 有个糖果屋大道 前面的糖果屋用的就是这个

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